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MTM Case-Gard R-50 Series Flip Top Rifle Ammo Box .458 SOCOM/.50 Beowulf 50 Rounds Clear Blue RSLD-50-24

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The MTM Case-Gard R-50 Series of rifle ammo boxes are a favorite among reloaders and target shooters throughout the world. The R-50 Series is designed with latch top lid, rounded edges, and a non textured surface. These cases are made of a virtually indestructible polypropylene that will not warp, crack, chip, peel, expand or contract.

Specifications and Features:
MTM Case-Gard R-50 Series RSLD-50-24
Rifle Ammo Box
Holds 50 rounds
Bullet Up Design
Latch Lid Opening
Rounded edges
Non-Textured Surface
Polymer Case
Clear Blue

.219 Zipper
.223, .243, .25, and .270 Winchester Super Short Magnum
.401 Winchester S.L.
.458 SOCOM
.460 and .500 S&W Magnum
.475, .500 Linebaugh
.50 Beowulf

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