AR-15 a2 upper & lower receiver set & parts kits – hard coat anodized

May 29, 2017 AR-15 Parts

This combo includes the upper and lower receivers and the upper and lower receiver parts kits.

What’s Included:

(1) AR-15 A2 Upper Receiver – Hard Coat Anodized
(1) AR-15 Lower Receiver – Hard Coat Anodized
(1) Mil-Spec Steel Hammer
(1) Hammer Spring
(1) Mil-Spec Steel Trigger
(1) Trigger Spring
(2) Hammer/Trigger Pins
(1) Disconnector
(1) Disconnector Spring
(1) Bolt Catch
(1) Bolt Catch Plunger
(1) Bolt Catch Roll Pin
(1) Bolt Catch Spring
(1) Buffer Retainer
(1) Buffer Retainer Spring
(1) Magazine Catch
(1) Magazine Catch Button
(1) Magazine Catch Spring
(1) A2 Pistol Grip
(1) Pistol Grip Screw
(1) Pistol Grip Lock Washer
(1) Standard Safety Selector
(1) Safety Selector Detent Spring
(1) Safety Selector Spring
(1) Takedown Pin
(1) Pivot Pin
(2) Takedown/Pivot Pin Detent
(2) Takedown/Pivot Pin Spring
(1) Trigger Guard
(1) Trigger Guard Roll Pin
(1) Forward Assist Button Assembly
(1) Forward Assist Spring
(1) Forward Assist Roll Pin
(1) Mil-Spec Dust Cover Assembly
(1) Dust Cover Spring
(1) Dust Cover Pin
(1) Dust Cover Pin C-Clip

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