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TRUGLO Winchoke, Accu-Choke 20 Gauge Gobble Stopper Extreme Extended Ported Turkey Choke Steel Blued with Gobble-Dot Dual Color Fiber Optic Sights Set TG178XC

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Stop that strutting Tom in his tracks with this combo from TRUGLO. First, you get an extended and ported turkey choke tube that gives you the constriction you need for dense, lethal long range patterns. The tube is compatible with Hevishot but should not be used with steel shot. Second, you get a set of Gobble-Dot Dual Color Fiber Optic Sights that will fit any shotgun with a vent rib. They are very easy to install and do not require any permanent modification to your shotgun.

Specifications and Features:
20 gauge
Extended, ported Turkey choke
Installs without tools
Hevishot compatible
Not for use with steel shot
Dual color front and rear fiber optic sights

Winchoke, Accu-Choke
Sights fit any shotgun with vent rib

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