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NcStar 2 Point to Single Point Sling D ring Connectors Nylon Black

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NcStar Allows you to use this sling the way you want or need for the current job. Use it as a single point sling or 2 point by simple connecting the front sling point into the back point. And if you need to disconnect from the weapon completely there are also quick disconnects front each connector. And with the shock cord any bouncing is reduced minimizing fatigue.

Specifications and Features:
NcStar AARS21P
2 Point to Single Point Sling
Color Black
Sling has metal D-rings at each end for attaching either metal spring clips. You can convert the sling from two-point sling to single point sling and back, by attaching one end of spring clip to either metal D-ring Metal spring clips on both ends of sling to attach to sling loop on the firearm Plastic quick connect buckles to quickly detach sling from firearm and to re-connect sling back to firearm Bungee shock cord on each end of sling to absorb shock of firearm bouncing when not shouldered Length: Adjustable 55″ to 72″ Webbing 1 1/4″ Wight: 8.20 oz

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