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Carlson's 20 Gauge Winchester/Browning Invector/Mossberg/Savage/Weatherby Flush Mount Choke Tube Extra Full 17-4 Stainless Steel 10105

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These Carlson flush mount choke tubes are constructed from 17-4 stainless steel and hardened. Lead shot can be used in all constrictions however Steel shot larger than #BB should not be used in any choke tighter than Modified (.600″ diameter). BB and smaller sized steel shot may be used through full choke constriction (.590″ diameter).

Specifications and Features:
Carlson’s choke tube 10105
20 Gauge shotguns
Flush mount choke tube
Extra Full constriction
.585″ Diameter
Stainless steel

Winchester, Browning Invector, Mossberg, Savage, and Weatherby
Note: Winchester SX2 and SX3 use Browning Invector Plus choke tube

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